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Links - Atlanta Train Shows

Train Shows present a wonderful opportunity to see some of the newest O-Gauge products and some of the oldest. At most train shows you can get that missing part or that specific train you've been looking for. Most importantly, at most train shows in Atlanta you can see The North Atlanta O-Gauge Railroad Club's Traveling Layout there where "the kids run the trains." Come out and play.

Piedmont Pilgrimage - Sponsored by the local NMRA chapter, the Piedmont Pilgrimage is a yearly tour of Atlanta and North Georgia layouts of all scales. The Piedmont Pilgrimage is held every year in October and November and now features over 70 layouts! Many of our club members are on the Pigrimage each year. It's loads of fun for the entire family! For more information, check out the Piedmont Pilgrimage website at

TCA Terminus - Train Meets - The local chapter of the Train Collector's Association hosts train meets for its members and the public four times a year. The North Atlanta O-Gauge Railroad Club's travelling layout is always a fixture of this meet.

The Model Train Show of the Piedmont (NMRA) Division - This is an all gauges annual show held in March for the Piedmont Division. You will find many of the materials you need for hi-railing at this show. There is some o-gauge, so it's worth checking out.. The layouts displayed at this show are some of the best shown at a public train show.

Great Train Expo - The Great Train Expo is a buy/sell event that has been on the Atlanta calendar for many years. It is often referred to as the "Greenberg Show," which was its former name. The North Atlanta O-Gauge Railroad Club Traveling Layout is one of the major attractions for the kids of all ages. Come out and share the fun!

Model Train and Railroadiana Show - Lots of people know of this show as being the one that was "down by the Airport." They have moved north to the North Atlanta Trade Center. You can find all types of railroad memorabilia at this show. Our traveling layout for the kids is always there.
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